We were tasked with refreshing the Lance Crackers brand. Cultural shifts toward healthier snacking have led to people leaving junk food and looking toward crackers as a healthier option. 


How can Lance Crackers realistically reposition itself as healthier to capture a new target without alienating our core? 



  • 18-34yrs and shops convinces stores for snacks

  • They live an active lifestyle but aren't necessarily 'health freaks'.

  • They value protein in their healthy snacks

Takeaway: The new audience doesn't see Lance Crackers as compatible with their healthier adult lifestyle, while our core audience loves that Lance gives them "more peanut butter" than it's competitors.


Reframe how our target determines healthy to be about potential. 

Get them to stop thinking about what they can't have in their snacks, and about what they do could with more energy. 


The potential to fuel everyday adventure.

To live up to this promise we needed to give them more so they could fuel their active lifestyle, but without alienating our core.



How we lived up to our promise.

 To break away from category conventions we added additional protein, whole grains, more durable packaging, and added a carabiner.

We also added a line of "Casual Performance apparel ready for a morning jog or night on the couch.


Our creative team developed the concept by humorously asking the question

"If Lance gives you the energy to do more, what would you do more of?" 

Brand Manifesto


Print,Experiential, Social

  • Reversible print ads

  • Lance Truck parked outside gyms giving people the choice of snacking on Lance or watching TV

  • Strong brand personality on Twitter hijacking conversations


We capitalized on the insight that shoppers will head to the cooler first by playing a zip-line display using our carabiners, followed up with POS in the "Better For You" section.


Brand Managers: Basil Frye, Darren Lifferth

Strategist: Kyle Calkins

Experience Designer: Pete Davies

Art Director: Jon Jon Hirsch

Copywriter: Prit Patel