College League of Legends season begins in January with hundreds of teams competing for the chance to be crowned as the best college team in North America. The Championship takes place over 4 days, with the 8 best college teams facing off at our NA LCS Arena in Los Angeles.


Drive viewership on Twitch among Esports fans and legitimize League as a College sport.


We needed to differentiate ourselves from the pro LCS scene which tends to be more polished and sometimes dry. We leaned into the unrefined nature of College with more trash talk, school recognition, and player rivalries. 


I worked with the creative team to develop the logo, venue signage, and video assets that ran on owned channels including our game client, on broadcast, and as paid ads on YouTube and Twitch. 


Increased YoY Twitch viewership to 34k peak concurrent

50MM+ in positive earned media coverage