Increase Lego Store foot traffic and customer retention.


After visiting a Lego Store to talk/snoop on several families and digging into retail research we found two key insights.

  • Kids are growing up faster than before, however, stores with hands-on interaction are more successful with both older and younger kids.

  • Kids are the catalyst for when parents visit the Lego Store, but parents determine how long they stay in-store.


Get parents to feel young with their kids through play.


Lego Playbox is a moveable multipurpose station. 


The counters on the outside and inside are different heights so adults and children can both play comfortably. The shape also allows for employees host events, then quickly sweep the Legos back into the tubes to be sorted into a bin.

iPads can contain: 

  •  Recreational tutorials for Limited edition builds found only at Playbox events

  • Story-centric builds that prompt customers to create a story with their Lego creations

  • Follow-along instructions and score keeping for games lead by employees

Case study video


Art Directors: Rachel Sheeran & Anna Andreen

Strategist: Kyle Calkins