We were tasked with reviving the dead brand Blockbuster. 


Blockbuster library of assets were purchased in 2011 by Dish Network as an attempt to curb competition from online streaming. We found a way to get ahead of other streaming providers by finding an opportunity in consumer behavior.



"We watch alone, but still chat together."

TV used to bring us together, however now media has fragmented where everything is competing for our attention. This has led to us sitting by ourselves in the dark binge watching but still we Snapchat about it.  



"Give them a voice & a choice"

We created Obu a social streaming service that gave users a way to interact with content that provides a voice in its creation.



I shot & edited a commercial demonstrating OBU's "Social Mode" feature.



We predicted the future

This project was done in January 2015, but already we're seeing "co-viewing" possible.



Art & Copy by Ray Tolbert and Roxie Reeves 

Experience Designer: Olivia Cooper

Brand Manager: Jacob Huber

Video Shooting & Editing: Kyle Calkins