How Darwin helped reshape a "Social Sounds" APP


Coffitivity is an app that plays coffee shop sounds with the intent to increase creativity and productivity. They based it off a study which said certain levels of noise helped distract part of the mind, allowing it to relax & be more creative.


The founders of Coffitivity had given us the ambiguous task of "tell us our next step". 


"Why do people love to work with coffee shop sounds?" We could find no reasonable answer, then we started to ask a different question.

"Why does our mind need to be distracted at all? 

Charles Darwin discovered that certain animals will constantly make noises which he called "contact calls" to unconsciously reach out to others in their group. Darwin hypothesized that people also exhibit similar behaviors.

 We realized the brand truth was buried deep in our lizard brain. 


Silence is the enemy. It's not about coffee, it's about people. The social sounds of others let us relax enough think creatively


Coffitivity will provide the ambiance of a social environment without all the distractions they typically provide.


Steven Ebert, Kyle Calkins, Pat Grayhack, Claire Glisson